Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Art Journal

Hi I want to share with you one of my passions, when I need some time for myself I do art, the kind of art I make is digital and hand made art, but my favotrite is hand made, because I used my hands ( I make a mess, dirty my hands, mix paint etc)and it makes feel so good  that I can not live without it, some people dance or do exercise or have a cup of wine or maybe eat chocolate; I make art because I like it, and is a fun thing to do
The earth is alive by Julia Castle
The story behind this painting
It was reining very hard, or like my daughter say IT was a gloomy day and I was looking at the window and  I said to myself THE EARTH IS ALIVE because this rain is a blessing for us it is so hot here in Florida that we was needing this amount of rain in order for  the flowers to grow again and for the earth to cool dawn a bit.

The earth is alive by Julia Castle
In my mind the rain was colorful

Each one of my art Journal have a story behind it.
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